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What is nameDNA

nameDNA is an ID document for your name, in digital format. You can use it if you need to verify your name’s origin, its meaning, its male and female variations, and all its diminutives and pet names. Your nameDNA is a high-resolution (300 dpi) document, ready to be printed on the paper of your choice, for you to keep and frame. Original, unique and personalized, a nameDNA document makes an ideal gift for your loved ones on birthdays, christenings, and other special occasions.
nameDNA for the name: karel

How it works

Your nameDNA will be sent to you in an email (you can use the email address you gave when you registered, or you can specify a different email address when you make your purchase). This email will contain a link to download the document.

High Resolution 300 dpi
Dimensions (Pixel) 2480x3508
Dimensions (Inches) 8.17x11
Dimensions (mm) 210x297
Digital version PDF c.(16 MB) 1 or 2 pages

The nameDNA certificate has been developed exclusively by NameDoctor. The “ND Approved” seal is your guarantee that all the information is taken from our database and has been verified by us.

Example of a nameDNA document