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1. How it works BabyExpecting gives you access to a database of over 40,000 names and a search engine with 9 fields and over 230 drop-down menu selections. All you have to do is enter your preferences and then view the number of available names (if there are too few, for example 5, or too many, for example 50, you can refine your search). NameDoctor will give you a document containing up to 25 names with all the details (root of the name, meaning, main origin, spelling variants where present, American popularity ranking where present, diminutives and nicknames). Why a maximum of 25 names? Our experts and all the tests we’ve conducted tell us that a list of more than 25 names won’t actually help you choose, but will only result in confusion and indecision.

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2. Benefits Why should you spend money on advice? Because your child will carry their name for life, and you don’t want to risk giving them the wrong name and regretting your decision later. Often in parenting forums or on blogs we read about mums and dads who, by following bad advice, gave the wrong name to their child. With NameDoctor you can choose a name for your child in confidence, with a vast and reliable database containing the most authoritative information on the internet. Our experts aren’t just passionate about their field – they’ve spent years checking and comparing notes, to achieve the highest possible level of accuracy and quality. Over 10,000 hours of research and development went into our highly-specialist name search engine.

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REMEMBER! The number of results available is not the number that we provide in the documentation. We will provide 25 names (if available) selected for you by our search engine™.